Framery One

Framery One is not only stylish and super smart, it incorporates the latest technology, leading sound insulation standards and echo-free acoustics. You can look forward to a highly adaptable workspace where you won’t be disturbed by outside noise or distractions and can enjoy best-in-class design while you focus on your next project.

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Exterior: Painted deep-drawn steel panels.
Glass: Sound control laminated glass.
Frame: High gloss black frames made from steel & aluminium.
Solid walls and roof: A sandwich element of sheet metal & recycled acoustic foam. Fabric interior panels and an anti-static and stain
resistant low loop pile carpet for the floor.
225,5 cm x 122 cm x 100 cm (h, w, d)
88,8 in x 47,9 in x 40 in (h, w, d)
Weight: 357 kg / 787 lb

Sound insulation and acoustics: Pods can be used effectively to eliminate distractions and increase productivity in the workplace, but this is only achieved if they are actively used. And for pods to be actively used, they should be placed close enough to their users. This creates certain requirements especially in terms of sound insulation.

The speech level reduction (DS,A) of Framery One is 30 dB measured according to ISO 23351-1. Pods with this level of sound insulation can be placed right next to workstations in an office and people working outside them will not be able to overhear discussions inside.

Air quality and flow: The indoor air quality of all Framery products is tested by an accredited testing laboratory, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and is found to be well within the limits of M1 emission classification. Total air flow in Framery One pod is 29 l/s and with optional carbon activated filter 26 l/s. Minimum recommended space for the air to circulate is 20 cm / 8″ above the pod.


Power consumption: 30 W while in use (default), 6 W in standby (fans are working on 25 % of the maximum power)

Maximum power consumption: 80 W total
Outlets: Always included: Power socket + USB charger. Optional: Wireless charger, LAN
Input: 100–240 VAC, 10.0 A, 50–60 Hz
Output VAC (power socket): 100–240 VAC, 6.6 A, 50–60 Hz
Output USB charger: 18 W
Output Qi wireless charger: 10 W



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